Used scopes, firearms,obsolete calibre firearms, deactivated firearms, antique firearms and airguns

Here at D.M. FIREARMS we are sometimes on the look out for good condition used stock to retail. If you would like sell an item, please just email us over a general description along with an accurate description of it’s condition, good photographs and what amount you would be looking for from us to buy it.  At this time we aren’t looking for anything but please contact us anyway just incase. We may be able to offer that little bit more if we are advertising it for you ourselves on a SOR (Sale or Return) basis. Needless to say we can sometimes also take firearms and scopes in part-exchange for other items we stock.


Sporting rights and deer rights  in Sussex

Whether it’s a small piece of woodland or a large one or a mix of woodland and grassland, if you have a reasonable amount of wild animal activity from deer or wild boar or even a large surface area of water with wildfowl activity, we may be interested in leasing the rights to shoot from you or developing a relationship whereby we share the venison etc etc. We are licensed for a variety of firearms, moderated and unmoderated. We are insured and experienced. We also have qualifications in game management and deer. So if you are looking to lease land rights or are considering it, just get in touch and we can have a chat. You can be rest-assured that we are very friendly and respectful of landowner wishes and always look forward to meeting others in countryside settings, who are similarly minded.