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Pest Management


The general rundown of our pest services

Here at D.M. FIREARMS we can offer our pest management services. We are licensed for a variety of firearms, both moderated and unmoderated. We are insured and experienced. We also have qualifications in game management. All firearms are conditioned for any lawful quarry and are on an open certificate, this means that your land does need evaluation by police for clearance for a particular rifle cartridge/caliber, we can assess the land for our own firearms use after a risk assessment is carried out.

We can offer our services for the following pest species: Wild birds listed on Natural England’s general licenses, this includes but it not limited to: Wood pigeons and Carrion Crows. Mammals like: Deer, Wild Boar, Rabbits, Grey Squirrels. We are well equipped to tackle foxes in day or night with a variety of lamps, night vision and thermal vision. We are very respectful of your wishes and can be discreet where possible – for example with the night shooting of boar, rabbits and foxes, we can use thermal and night-vision so as not to be seen on your grounds.

Deer can be culled in a variety of ways dependent on your ground type. If your land is flat, don’t worry and think the problem can’t be resolved, we could possibly fit sturdy high-seats in certain trees and can try to be discreet with location if necessary. In this case rather than evenings or mornings of stalking through the land, we sit in the seat (s) at an elevated position, in most cases this can create safe shots. Subject to risk assessment. This can also be a good method as many times deer will not be aware of our presence.

If you need this service or advice on how to deal with an issue yourself, you need only contact us. Some of these pest control services are free of charge and where they aren’t free of charge, you will find our fee’s are low and competitive. Other options worth considering may involve a venison-trade deal or leasing of deer rights.

Urban fox special

In the East Sussex area and have an urban fox issue? Contact us for our general culling and trap/dispatch services and prices. We can customize a package that suits you and your budget. A visit will need to be conducted to make both a risk assessment and talk to you about the foxes activities. We can then see whether trapping or ”stake-out” or a combination of both would be required – dependent on: whatever is of course safe, whatever is most effective, what your budget is and how quickly you need the issue dealt with. Clients are assured that these wild animals are treated and culled humanely and within the law. We will always be clean and up front with pricing. For more information, contact Daniel.


Firearms Storage

For a set fee of £5.00 per firearm per week we can store your firearms. Late for renewal and can’t get a temporary certificate? Looking to give up shooting but wanting to keep the guns in storage until a friend or loved one gets their certificate? Or perhaps you are in a more serious situation whereby you want to store your firearms for a short time for personal circumstances.

Firearm Deactivation

Do you have a firearm on your license that you no longer wish to shoot but want to keep? Perhaps you want an item of our stock but you don’t/can’t have a license but like the look? We can offer up to date deactivation to the latest European and UK standard through a third party. This will include the deactivation, courier fee’s, relevant proofing and certificate/document of deactivation to UK/EU standard. This will cost  £250.00.

Firearm Modifications

Although we ourselves can’t modify your firearms, we can have this done through a third party. These modifications could include: Barrel shortening, barrel re-crowning, screw-cutting/threading a barrel, dent removal, barrel honing, proofing, bluing, custom rifle jobs, other corrections or a combination of the above. Where proofing is legally required, it will be done. You may need one of these services for your own firearm or perhaps even something we have in stock. If you would like a quote, please contact us.



RFD to RFD Service

If you are not local to us and like a firearm we have in stock, not to worry, for a small fee we can send the firearm off via courier to your local RFD. They themselves may charge a handling fee for signing over a firearm that did not come from their shop, you may wish to enquire about this with them first incase of surprise. This comes at a cost from our end of £30.00. Air rifles we can do this for for £25.00. Moderators we will do for £22.50. This is done legally, insured and properly via the Parcelforce Secure AM service, so rest assured your new purchase is in safe hands.

The whole process we follow for shipping firearms (for sect 1 and 2 items) to another dealer, is as follows: You make payment for the firearms and carriage with us, you send us your firearm/shotgun certificate (where we will write the firearm/shotgun onto it) .This is because the seller (i.e. us in this case) alone is legally required to sign the firearm over to the buyers (yours) certificate. We send you back your certificate (to the address on the certificate). We contact your local dealer of choice and exchange details. The courier is arranged to your local dealer, you then show your certificate to your local dealer and collect your firearm.


Hazmat deliveries

Deliveries of live ammunition (to RFD) , primers (to RFD), primed cartridges (to RFD) ,percussion caps (mainland home address) and powder (mainland home address) must be be sent by Circle Express. As we are a small company, not getting the best of rates, this service could cost anything up to £110…. dependent of course on the weight and size of your consignment. We will of course endeavor to get the most for you out of your shipping. Please contact us for more details and a personalized quote. UK mainland.

Regular courier method

We only deliver within the UK, using Parcelforce Express 24 for England (Unless bullets for reloading, this will be the 48 service) and Wales and Parcelforce Express 48 for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The flat rate is £7.95, regardless of how many accessories you buy. There is however a weight limit of upto 30KG, items at this weight will require a surcharge however, please enquire if this is applicable to an item you wish to purchase. Please contact us to arrange shipping of the items you want, along with arranging your invoice and a payment method.

Sale or Return

We can sell your firearms for you on a sale or return basis. Perhaps you need the cabinet room and/or don’t have the time to advertise the firearm for yourself.

How it works…..

Well you show us the firearm or send us accurate details and photographs and if we are interested in advertising it, we will offer you an SOR price. What happens then is you sign the firearm over to us and we do the other necessary paperwork and notifications. This then means you have a free space in your cabinet and can also apply for your variation should you want to replace your slot. If you do not require a variation to get another firearm, you still need to send your certificate to your police licensing department to have to that  firearm deleted from it. We advertise the firearm, that you’ve given to us,  for sale and when it sells we notify you and send you the funds agreed at initial meeting. There is no guarantee to how long it takes a particular firearm to sell.


If you are buying an SOR item, please be aware that these carry no warranty, cannot be returned and are nonrefundable. This is because (as above) we are selling on a customers behalf and they will get paid their funds immediately after an  item sells. Please read descriptions and look at photographs properly before committing to purchases, please make any enquiries prior to commitment to the purchase of an SOR item. A lot of work goes into selling SOR items or infact nearly any item stocked, often involving: Paperwork/admin, Police notifications (if applicable), time and funds spent advertising as well as photographing, cleaning, packing and wrapping (if applicable) and more. Please have thought for small business’s.




We are more than happy to take holding deposits on items we have in stock, whilst you await your variation or gain further funds to be able to afford the item that you require. We will also require the deposit or full amount in advance for items that you wish for us to order in. Deposits are nonrefundable for obvious reasons. A deposit takes an item off of sale and so it misses valuable advertisement time where it could have sold to the right buyer – again, as above: time advertised, time spent for photography, cleaned up for sale and administration.  This is the reason we also ask for funds prior to ordering an item in specifically, that we normally wouldn’t stock. Should there be a cancellation with the order and no funds received, the store is at a loss, this is why we asked for funds prior to ordering specific items.

We at DM FIREARMS are however very reasonable and we understand that there may be exceptional circumstances regarding payments and affordabillity. These are things that we will look at and consider on  a situation by situation basis.