Deer that’s not too dear!


Time of year dependent we can provide whole deer in the fur for Game dealers and other appropriate persons/organizations. This namely includes Roe and Fallow. Priced at £1.50 per lb for neck shot animals and £1.20 per lb for chest shot animals.


We will shortly be able to provide individual cuts of choice, as well as sausages and burgers –  direct to the public, after future development idea’s have come to fruition and a premises inspection has been completed by the local authority. All venison will be vacuum packed for freshness. We may well also look into supplying wild rabbit and  seasonally shot game such as pheasant.


The branding will be DMF GAME and hopefully we will be set-up by mid-2021


Please contact us if you are interested in further pricing. Postage may also be possible in cold packed packaging!