About Us


The Company and the people in it

We are a small local business, established in 2017,  based near Brighton in East Sussex. D.M. FIREARMS was established by myself Declan, Company Director (Photographed below) . I  started shooting at the age of 7 with airgun and was taken on by a mentor at age 13 where I was taught the ethics of shooting and hunting live quarry. In my mid-late teens I applied for my shotgun and firearms certificates, attended Plumpton college and studied agriculture and then Game management, as well as other certification involving deer, as well as poison use on rodents. I have had experience with various firearms in various situations and environments. I don’t consider myself an expert, as I believe life is one continuous learning process however I will always help where I can and if I can’t help, I will always try my best to find someone who can help.



Plumpton college is where I met Lawrence (Photographed below) , who is now a servant on the RFD. Lawrence also studied game management and is also licensed.  We both also did additional qualifications whilst at college, some including safe shooting/quarry identification, some in poisoning and some in deer management. Over the years we worked as a team in pest management, whether it was the lamping of rabbits and foxes, the stalking of deer or the decoying of wood pigeons and corvid species.



Daniel  (photographed below) is now also a member of the team now and a servant on the RFD. He has vast knowledge on ballistics, practical experience with firearms and does full time fox control and deer management. Dan is also a professional at butchery, having been in the job many years.




Our intentions and what that means to you the customer

The years of pest control also meant years of testing various equipment and putting it through it’s paces :Trying various cartridges/calibres and bullet types, the testing of factory loads as well as home reloads, different manufacturers of firearms and sound moderators, different manufacturers and loads in shotgun cartridges, the use of different lamps/torches/night vision and thermal equipment, use of different manufacturers of telescopic sights…. This by no means makes us experts as every day is a learning experience, however it means that we have experience of different products with different dealers as well as what is good out in the field.


From this experience we feel we can give advice in many cases of what may be best suited for you the customer, without being bias or trying to sell a specific product over another without evidence for it being better suited for your needs. We also know what it’s like when you can’t get a hold of a product you desperately need and/or it’s out there but far out of reach. This is why at D.M. FIREARMS we will always try our best to get a hold of a product you need, whatever it is (even if we don’t currently stock it) and find a way to get it to you. Sometimes we may not be able to get a hold of what you need or it will need to be back-ordered however we will try our best and keep you in the know throughout the process. Shooting is an expensive industry, we know this and have met many people in the industry who want a straight-forward honest supplier, so we will give competitive and fair  prices.

We are currently not an ”open shop” retailer as such however we do have the means to get your needed products and get them to you. We will also allow visits but by appointment only with valid identification shown in advance. The plan is to have an open shop; for you the customer to walk in and look around, have a cup of tea and a chat,  within the next five years. If there is anything you need at all or even just advice, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Email: Declan@dmfirearms.co.uk

Facebook: @ShootingHobbies.